Hi, I'm Annalee –  a writer, editor, and content strategist based out of Lakeland, FL.

Since earning an undergrad degree in journalism and public relations and a master's in business administration, I've gained experience in leading teams to effectively tell their stories and craft their own voice.

Words are important and I like to handle them carefully. Being able to simplify complexities through clear and concise communication and media is what I love to do! Believing that every step of the creative process should be handled with intentionality, I love helping teams identify the why behind their projects and providing efficient processes to reach their goals. 

A few other things I love include my husband, books, art museums, the outdoors, traveling + learning about new cultures, live music, 1999 rom-coms, and yoga. 

This space may be filled with an array of topics mostly ranging from foreign travel to my personal narratives. Hopefully our worlds will intersect and you'll be able to take away something meaningful from my blog or perhaps we can collaborate on a project – at the very least, you can glance at a multitude of photos from pretty, little places