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I'm a multi-disciplined marketing professional specializing in writing, editing, project management and brand strategy. I'm passionate about helping individuals and organizations effectively tell their stories and craft their voice. I've advised teams that have created impactful projects including print publications, branding guides, and social media strategies.

I've worked for a number of publications as a freelance writer and editor. I'm also passionate about providing creative strategy for web, print, and social media.



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The Southeastern magazine

Southeastern University's student-run magazine highlights the voice of campus life. Formerly The Southeastern Magazine, I helped oversee an entire rebrand of the campus magazine in fall 2016. As a staff member, I advised a team of six student leaders and 30+ contributors. I oversaw and provided guidance for the production and editorial processes for four issues of The Southeastern Magazine. 

This publication received a 2016 Silver Addy, 2017 Gold Addy, and 2017 Judges' Choice Award in the Polk County chapter of the American Advertising Federation.

International documentaries

I've worked internationally on three documentaries as both an assistant field director and writer/copy editor.


Common Cents tells the story about an ordinary girl who uses the metaphor of a penny to create awareness of modern day slavery. This documentary depicts what can happen when a dream becomes a movement and people unite to fight for human life.

While serving on staff for this documentary, I helped develop the film's plot, research the issue, and conduct interviews while filming in Thessaloniki, Greece. I also assisted with on-set logistics and copy editing all content in the film.